Admin and Information

TaxiCall gives you the information you need and features which make it so much easier to run a taxi firm, whether it is a company, partnership or co-operative group.

Financial Administration.

We have two optional solutions for one of the most time consuming and difficult jobs of any group - collecting the money from the drivers so the bills can be paid.. Our standard procedure is that at the end of every month we send an invoice to the organiser of each group showing how much each driver owes for the taxicall service which will be paid from the groups account by any of the usual banking or card methods. The two optional solutions are:

  1. Your drivers all set up individual direct debits and we collect what they owe on your behalf
  2. We collect what they owe us by direct debit but we also add what you charge them for your own fees to cover your organisation's costs etc. We then pass on the total of these payments to your bank account on the next working day.

One big advantage of this system is that we can disable individual drivers from the service if payment is not made, without it causing a problem for the group as a whole. We bill this service slightly differently - it is billed 4-weekly instead of monthly and at £3 pw per driver instead of £12 pm (figures incl vat)

Driver Administration and Information

Setting up drivers could not be simpler and you have complete control over adding and removing them. The driver list shows you not only who is currently logged in, how many calls they have taken today and when they took their last call, but also will warn you that renewal dates for tax, mot and licenses are nearly due or have been passed.

Call statistics show you a breakdown of the results of calls made to each driver with a detailed analysis of the reasons that any have been missed.

Customer Administration and Information

This report shows you the 200 customers who have made the most calls to you with the dates of the first and most recent call they have made. It also shows the average number of days between calls over that time and the number of days since their last call. Where that number is above what might be expected it shows the figures in RED to indicate they might be using another taxi company.

Information About your Calls

The "List Calls" report gives you several ways of looking at your call history which is constantly kept right up to date. Its standard form has all the customer calls for the last 24 hours showing the number of the caller, the time called, which driver(s) the call was put through to and the result - with the length of time the caller was connected after the call was answered. In addition you can search for, and isolate, any information regarding a particular customer or driver during any period over at least 3 months history. Optionally it will also allow you to listen to calls made within the last seven days in the event of queries or disputes.. Finally it can show you when drivers have called to log in or out of work.

Time and Day of Week Analysis

It shows figures for each day of the week in 6 x 4-hour time slots for both the history of call detail we are holding for you, and the last 28 days. For each day (Sunday, Monday, etc.) it shows the analysis of Connected Calls, Diverted Calls, No Drivers Logged In, and Missed Calls in the 4-hour slots (00-04, 04-08, etc.) and highlights in RED where the calls you are missing in those slots are more than 50% of the calls you are taking. This should give you an indication of when your Drivers who are keen to earn more may be able to not only pick up more jobs but help to keep your customers calling you. It may also indicate the type of driver you may want to recruit specifically to cover those time slots.