Call Handling

TaxiCall has many features which have been designed to meet the needs of taxi drivers over the past 10 years. Here is a summary of the main ones.

Calls are distributed fairly

Calls are distributed to drivers by our system which cannot favour any driver over the others using rules that ensure all drivers get their fair share.

Log in and log out

You can either use the free driver app or call a special number which recognises your phone and logs you in or out accordingly, without answering the call so there is no charge on your mobile bill.

Drivers can decline calls

If a driver gets a call when they are unable to take a job, they can decline it without speaking to the customer, and the call will automatically go through to the next available driver.

No special equipment is required

Taxicall call handling works with any mobile phone. To comply with the law you must have a hands-free kit to take calls while driving.

All calls are logged

A comprehensive log of all the calls to your number is available on your service web page. This is a valuable tool for monitoring the performance of your circuit, addressing customer complaints, and ensuring good service. Taxicall also gives you a breakdown of all missed calls by Driver.

Repeat calls go to the same driver

If a customer calls again within a set period (by default 30 minutes, but this can be changed) then the service recognises the number and puts the call through to the same driver as before, on the assumption that the customer wishes to cancel or re-schedule a pick up. For local clubs and restaurants that may genuinely need to order several taxis in quick succession, there is a Repeat Call Exception list, and calls from those numbers will always be put through to the next available driver.

Unwanted customers can be barred

If you enter the number of an unwanted customer in your Barred Numbers list, when they call they will always hear a recorded message: “I'm sorry but there are no drivers available.”

Helps you look after regular and VIP customers

You can create VIP customers and a number (or numbers) which will only receive calls if there are no regular drivers logged in on duty and it is one of your VIP customers who is calling. The VIP system makes sure you never miss a VIP Customer call.