All about using TaxiCall ......

Introduction to TaxiCall

Taxicall has been used by groups of Taxi Drivers since 2005 and has handled millions of calls and jobs

No office, dispatchers or special equipment and systems are required. Combined with very low running costs, starting at £3 per driver per week, this has saved drivers thousands of pounds over the years.

The way Taxicall's automated call distribution 'direct to driver' works is second to none. The fair distribution rules remove arguments between drivers about favouritism. It also removes "Dispatcher bottlenecks" at busy times.

TaxiCall works with any existing telephone numbers you have - or we can help you find a memorable number which will always remain with your business.

Every customer calling from a mobile phone is sent your customer app branded with your own logo & name for easy contact. We also provide a Reception Desk booking page which you can give to local businesses including Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Hair Dressers, Care Homes etc.

Taxicall also provides a Driver App which gives free communications, hands-free job recording and reminders, advance booking lists, and shows up to date positions of Drivers at work on a map.

For more information see our more detailed pages.