Quick Overview

As well its original automated call distribution features which allow drivers with Hackney licences to take calls directly from customers without having to pay for offices and dispatchers, it now provides all of the following features - still at only £3 (incl. VAT) per week per driver and the cost of connected calls*

  • Customer App sent to every 1st time caller branded with your logo.
  • Reception Desk Booking page for Hotels, etc. branded with your logo
  • Driver Tracking and Mapping
  • Advance Booking system
  • Driver communication systems (text and private internet radio)
  • Call recording
  • Comprehensive management and information pages for your Group

All of the above are optional, but included at no extra charge.

*Based on our up to date records of millions of calls, the average length of a call is 43 seconds and costs 13p

You can use your own logo too: